Trademark Licensing Program

Buffalo State's trademark licensing program protects, and promotes the proper use of this institution's name, marks, and logos. Buffalo State closely monitors the use of its name, marks, and logos to ensure that the integrity of its trademark rights is maintained in all products, promotions, and publications.

Buffalo State's name, marks, and logos include letters, words, names, trade names, department names, crestmarks, logos, seals, and other symbols that have come to be associated with Buffalo State, in any form.  All proposed products employing Buffalo State's name, marks, and logos must meet standard requirements established by the campus Trademark Licensing Office (716-878-5504).

Resources for the Campus Community

Campus offices, departments, organizations, and associations wishing to use Buffalo State's name, marks, or logos must do so in compliance with Buffalo State guidelines.  Please contact the Trademark Licensing Office to learn more about properly using Buffalo State's name, marks, and logos in products and promotions.

Buffalo State will not license its name or marks in connection with certain goods.  Items excluded from licensing may not be produced with any campus names, marks, or logos.

Resources for Prospective Vendors

Vendors interested in licensing with Buffalo State may contact the University Licensing Company to begin the application process.  We appreciate your interest, and we hope to work with you in the future!

Please note that items produced using Buffalo State marks must comply with the State University of New York Anti-Sweatshop Policy, which advances the goal of avoiding licensing of the University's marks to companies that fail to eliminate sweatshop conditions in manufacturing.