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Welcome to the Finance and Management Division

We are a dynamic and dedicated team responsible for providing strategic leadership and effective management in various crucial areas that drive the success of our university. With diverse responsibilities, our division ensures the smooth functioning of business and financial operations, information technology, human resources, facilities planning and operations, and the University Police.

As the backbone of Buffalo State's financial operations, we oversee and manage all aspects related to business and finance. From budgeting and financial reporting to procurement and risk management, we ensure the responsible allocation and utilization of resources. Our goal is to maintain financial integrity and transparency while supporting the university's mission and strategic goals.

In today's rapidly evolving technological landscape, information technology plays a pivotal role in the success of any institution. Our division is committed to providing reliable and innovative IT solutions to support the needs of our campus community. We strive to enhance the university's technological infrastructure, improve digital accessibility, and foster a secure and collaborative digital environment for teaching, learning, research, and administrative functions.

At the heart of any successful organization are its people. Our division takes pride in managing and supporting Buffalo State's human resources. From recruitment and talent management to employee engagement and professional development, we are dedicated to creating an inclusive and supportive work environment. We value the contributions of our diverse workforce and strive to promote a culture of fairness, respect, and growth.

Ensuring that our campus facilities meet the needs of our students, faculty, and staff is our top priority. Our division oversees the planning, design, construction, and maintenance of the physical infrastructure at Buffalo State. To create a safe, sustainable, and vibrant environment conducive to learning, living, and collaboration, we carefully manage the campus facilities, including classrooms, laboratories, residence halls, and outdoor spaces.

Collaboration with the University Police is essential in creating a safe and secure campus community. We work closely with University Police to develop and implement comprehensive safety measures, emergency response protocols, and crime prevention initiatives. We are committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for all members of the Buffalo State community.

The Finance and Management division is dedicated to excellence, innovation, and customer service. We continuously seek opportunities for improvement and value feedback from our stakeholders. Together, we contribute to the overall success and growth of Buffalo State, ensuring that our institution remains a thriving center of education, research, and community engagement.


Finance & Management at Buffalo State University is responsible for the following areas business and financial operations, human resources, facilities planning and operations, and University Police.